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I N T E N S I V E  S T U D Y

It is possible to book a package of tuition with 12 lessons of cirka 45 minutes, of which 3 lessons are earmarked - one for theory, one for bodyawareness and one for a lesson with one of my horses. The lessons have to be used within one and a half year.


It is a very rewarding and flexible way of tuition to be able to tailor the lessons for the person and his/her horse. You are allowed combine practical lessons, teory and bodyawarenes exersises for best fit. And I hope this new possibility meet many of you, who have trouble to gather 4 riders for regular lessons. The course can take place at your stable or at mine. Appointments for lessons will be made each time according to, when it fits you and me both.


The price of the course is 5000 DKK (incl. Danish moms)


Transportation: 5 DKK (incl. moms) per driven km (out and back) Bookings within 100 km from my home address will be possible. For weekday bookings also along my home-work route.


NB. Seats on the intensive study are limited.

"If the body had been easier to understand, nobody would have thought that we have a mind."

- Richard Rorty

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