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In my opinion "the art" i art if riding has nothing to do with having accomplished a certain level of skill. Mostly it has to do with creativity. Creativity as in, when the love of what you do, shines through the entire energy and process.


Moments of what I call "the art" can present themselves at any given time during the education, if you are open to them. The total coherence between human and horse occurs in fleeting, magic moments of inner (and outer) presence in both individuals together; oneness, unison, togetherness or whatever you might name it.


In those moments, where the interplay between horse and rider go through balance and refined signals, the art can begin. It doesn't always, but when it does, the two begin to dance for the pleasure of no one but their own. The art of riding is a living organism like any other art of movement, where the artwork occurs as a beautifully clinging harmony, after which it only remains as a feeling in the practitioner or the spectator.


"The ideal is; that the horse becomes more than merely a tool to reach personal recognition and that the horse and its person in time develop into equal partners in the world of the art. This journey is the ultimate goal in the relation between human and horse, more important than results and rosettes. Thus the human must be humble and recognise that we can learn even more from the horses than they can learn from us"

- Katrine Buur

"If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn't call it genius."

- Michellangelo Buonarroti

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