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C O N T E M P O R A R Y   A R T   O F   R I D I N G

Contemporary Art of Riding is founded in a genuine passion for and dedication to the careful education of the riding horse - which unfortunately is not given.


In recent times the horseworld has distanced itself from the classical ideals in both positive and negative ways; from the perspective of the horse. Both some roughness and some softness has disappeared. Let's bring the softness back!


My goal is to communicate presence, trust and structure into the schooling of and relation to horses.


If we want a safe, healthy and lasting riding horse, we must educate it carefully to that purpose. First and foremost we must create and nurture the joy of moving together. In this way we can begin "to do" stuff with the horse, meanwhile we are able just "to be" together in the moment. Slowly we dissolve the illusion that there is a difference between the two - "to do" and "to be".


It is all about that magical connection that all horse people want to experience. It is about the dance and about the centaur. And it is about finding ones own path towards it.

"A horse and a person being content and happy while enjoying to do something "ordinary" together, is far from ordinary, in fact it is rare."

- Katrine Buur

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