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Imagine that you are taking a walk with your best friend in the whole world. At times lost in deep conversation. Other times you surrender to solely being and enjoying to sense together. You are surrounded by the exploration along the path in a wordless dialogue. Often a long time passes by, where the only words exchanged are a "look there" for a little discovery that simply must not pass your friend by. The world lies open for you and even the finest dreams is to be found in the details, you experience right now and in your conversations about the big and the small. The sporatic conversations heighten understanding, respect and sympathy for each other independent of dis/agreement.  

Both walk in their own balance and rest in him/herself and in his/her perception of the surroundings. Speed and distance is automatic and implicit adjusted each other. One step takes the other - one's direction takes the other's - and vice versa. Afterwards none of you will know the answer to, who decided the track followed. Maybe both - maybe none of you.

Humans most often has a deeply rooted longing for connection with something outside our physical body, but with the paradox attached that it is often the connection and knowledge inwards that makes such connections possible. I think our longing for inclusion and for authenticity in our meetings and relations, which goes beyond what words can express, is an important part of our attraction to the horses.

When I read the above i personally think - "what a wonderful friend to have". Simultaneously I think - "how lucky horse people are". After all we have both a crystal clear reference picture of "the senseous friendship". And in the horse we have both a perfect rolemodel and a comrade to practice genuine friendship with. To honour the eternal source og knowledge on friendship the horses are, there is no doubt in my mind that we each must define what is friendship to us, what is it to our horse and in everything we do put both of those definitions to life and practice. After all a good friendship is the best fundament to build whatever relation and partnership you want on.

“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.” 

- Tim Cahill

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