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NB. Single lessons are fased out 2020

Private lessons are for those, who want/need to learn in a quiet environment and reserve some quality time with your horse and instructor.


Lessons at my place

A lesson takes 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your and your horse's needs.

Cancellations within 24 hours of a booked lesson, are charged full price.


Lessons at your place

I offer lessons at your stable within a reasonable distance from Hobro. There has to be a minimum of four single lessons for me to come to you. So gather your friends and take the chance to recieve lessons and observe each others lessons to get even more out of it.


Lessons with an experienced horse

My three horses also give lessons in cooperation with myself. It can be very giving to find the solutions with an experienced horse without the preconditions and stories one might have with his/her own horse. The theme can be your seat, your aids or just your way of connecting with the horse, and it can be on the longe, from the ground or from the back.

NB. This is only offered to regular students.

"The halt should settle like a snowflake."

-  Unknown

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