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B O R N   2 0 1 7

Naranja is the newest member of the contemporary family. She is a PRE and is fantasticly sweet and trusting.

She is staying at Pilegaarden in Skanderborg with her beautiful mom Violetta, who can be seen om some of the photoes and who i fell head over heels for at a sales- and stallion show this spring. Violetta is exactly the strong type and gentle character I so adore, so I hope she is passing along her lovely traits to Naranja these months.


Right now they are just enjoying each other and later this year Naranja will be weaned in as gentle and carefull a manner, as we possibly can, before she moves in with me.


Naranja has the color smokey black like her sire, Bondadoso C.

"How would the painter or the poet express anything other than his encounter with the world ?"

- Maurice Merleau-Ponty

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