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A R T   O F   R I D I N G

I was introduced to the Academic Art of Riding by my, at the time, new horse Komma in the understanding that, with her, finding new ways was a necessity. Academic Art of Riding became a real key to flipping habits of pulling, bolting and panicking and mixing all of her five gaits. It would show that this was the beginning of a very long and continuous journey into the art of riding.


"Academic Art of Riding means to bring the Historical Art of Riding from the past back to life again. The horse must be trained according to its abilities, concerning both body and mind. Thoughtful gymnastic exercises will keep horses healthy and long living. The academic riders see riding as an art form, an art of movement like ballet. The basis for this kind of riding, however, is good basic training"... 


Quote from the website of the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding.

"The goal of dressage is to reach an artificial balance, which shall replace the natural balance, that the horse had without a rider. If you cannot give the rein away, without the horse falling apart, loosing its clean gaits, the new balance has not been reached yet"

- Bent Branderup

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