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Z U L E M A   V
B O R N   2 0 0 7

Zulema is a PRE mare, who comes from the studfarm Aimaran in Spain. She has a big part of cartujano-blood in her lines (75%). She is sired by Pegaso XX and out of Moravita. She is a very loving and high-spirited horse with a curious mind, and she always astonish me with her way of working around her physical difficulties.


Zulema is born with cataract on both eyes, and therefore is blind on the right eye and has reduced sight on the left (about 60%). She uses her other senses extremely well, but because of her vision being solely on the left eye, I have to pay special attention to the asymmetry in her body. 



Zulema can be bought, if and only if "her" person turns up:) She is approved for breeding, but has no offspring yet. She is ridden both astride and side saddle. She loves a hack in nature, and is very affectionate to people. Everybody falls for her!

She always comes cantering to you in the field. She knows her basic training in academic art of riding, groundwork, advanced lunceing etc. 


Ask for price.

"How would the painter or the poet express anything other than his encounter with the world ?"

- Maurice Merleau-Ponty

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